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 4/100:  Super Nova Pong : a pong style game in which you control one of two robots set in an arena with a dividing middle area (a non enterable no mans land) behind each robot is a goal zone which takes up most of the center third of the back wall. The players are able to move freely about their half of the arena, but may not enter into the no-mans land or beyond.  The game does not stop if a goal is scored, rather if there is only one ball on the table and a goal is scored the ball instantly spawns at the maps midpoint. The game ends when one robot scores 100 goals. The robots may catch, reflect, and bash the orbs. Your robot may also find powerups which allow for things such as ball split, explosive charges, increased size, speed boosts, placeable walls. The balls may split any number of times allowing for some pretty insane gameplay. Each robot has different specialities, for instance some may have a stronger bash return and others may be able to catch additional balls.  

Game Idea 3/100  : Deathmatch Monster This new style of deathmatch game is similar to a classic juggernaut or king of the hill , a massive creature is in the middle of an arena, the players fight against eachother until the round is over and there is a kill leader, the kill leader than becomes the boss monster and must kill all players in a short period of time where he attempts to eliminate all other players. If he does not succeed than the deathmatch round is reset , this goes on until all players are killed in monster-phase. Monster phase will have a different set of gameplay rules than the regular deathmatch, these are as follows. During the monster phase, players will instantly generate a new health bar and respawn in the center around the beast. Each player only has one chance
in this mode (as opposed to deathmatch mode where a player is given a cooldown and then respawns), if a player dies here he is eliminated from the deathmatch portion as well. The healthbar associated with this phase may not regenerate during this or any other monster phases that follow.During monster phase, if a player hides out of range of the monster then all players will incur a telepathic degen that lasts as long as that person remains away, this damage effect is compounded per person out of range . The monster will regularly distribute invisible blasts of telepathic damage throughout the map , has a range of physical and elemental attacks, and an ability to do extra focused telepathic damage to players that are farther away. The monster will have 10x normal life and the players will be best served killing it as a unit as quickly and efficiently as possible. If a player remains out of range the other players will be given an option to sacrifice that player to the beast in exchange for a latent period in which the beast cannot attack.

Game Idea 2/100 2/24/19 : Don Octo.  You play as an alien wizard named Don Octo, you were on a distant highly sophisticated planet known as Ergon,  convicted of crimes against the government and banished to an even more foreign planet. This new planet is covered in giant lizards and primitive primates. You must fight for your survival and food until you discover civilization, upon encountering one of the cities you can use your magic to become a god and build a ship to return to your planet and wage war against the planet which banished you .

Game Idea 1/100 2/23/2019: THE MAYOR .  set in a small city with a capital building, you play as the Mayor, a gregarious and chubby fellar who wants nothing more than to make his constiuance happy.  Rising from his bed one morning he finds his entire consituancy has turned into flesh eating zombies. But being the chummy mayor that he is, he desperatly wants to keep as many members of his voting public alive. Your goal is to play as the mayor, and get him out of the town killing as few zombies as possible.