Welcome to the auction house.

Current Auction: Auction #7 (instagram only)
start: 6:00 pm EST, 3/10/2019
end: 6:00 pm EST, 3/11/2019
free shipping above 41$
instagram @zac.max

Water Color Auction rules 
Bids are done on either facebook or instagram (it switches).
If a painting sells for more than any other painting sold before it than shipping is free (otherwise it’s 5 dollars).
All paintings are signed originals. If the Auction is unpaid for 5 days the item is queued for re-auction.

Auction Winners by name

past auctions :
 3/05/19 to Irina B. 32$

 3/05/19 to Zac Maybo 7$
3/02/19 to Dara P. for 41$ (free shipping)

2/28/19 to Z. Maybo for 35$ (free shipping)

2/27/19 to Marsha D. 29$